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Various customers give glowing endorsments to Chris and Mike at The Script Reader, who helped them pen beautiful works of art.



Chris Covell stands out HEAD AND SHOULDERS above every script consultant I’ve worked with because he’s not only great at pointing out where the script is weak (where most script consultants stop). He actually comes up with creative solutions to pitch as ideas to strengthen those weaknesses and tighten the overall story. He does this because he takes a vested and personal interest in your story and values it like you value it. He helped take my recent script from “it’s all there; it just needs some tightening” to “wow” in one pass, and I’m so thankful for it. He’ll do the same for yours!


(Creator/Executive Producer: "TURN: Washington’s Spies",

"Nikita", "Terra Nova")

Mike Stern is gifted, discerning, and diligent, as well as being a really nice guy, which is rare to find in Hollywood. He will lend maturity and seriousness of purpose to your finished product.



(Preditor: Entertainment Studios)

I had gotten lost in my script and forgotten why I had written the thing in the first place.  The Script Reader brought me that which in writing is most valuable and rare: clarity.  They helped me remember what was good about the concept, and turn an idea into an exciting story.


(Writing Professor/Screenwriter)

I have trusted Chris to work with my screenwriting students for years.  Two thumbs up (three if humanly possible!) for his consistently excellent feedback and one-on-one meetings!

The happy customers continue to give their endorsements.


(Award-Winning Screenwriter)

What makes The Script Reader unique is how personal it is. Mike wants you to get it right just as much as you do! And he’ll work with you till you get there.  Mike’s insight was key in helping me elevate my screenplay. When I placed in the top 8 in the 2017 Slamdance I knew who to thank!


(Award-winning screenwriter)

Over two decades of writing has taught me to never send a script out without Mike Stern at The Script Reader helping you make it your best!


(NYT bestselling co-author of

“All the Gallant Men”)

Over the years I have worked with a few script consultants. All were helpful. None, though, were as helpful as Chris. His skill in understanding cinematic storytelling and in crafting characters the audience can empathize with and root for has been one of the most creatively stimulating experiences in my professional career. He cared about each and every story I wrote, along with each and every character in those stories. Most importantly, he cared about me as a writer. Always insightful, always engaging, always encouraging. I am a better writer because Chris Covell. You will be too.




(Screenwriter – High School {2010})

Script readers are a dime a dozen, but in my experience, most of them do little more than give pat structure notes and point out flaws. As a professional writer, what I desperately need is someone to help me see what I can’t, offer good ideas for improvement that feel authentic to my vision, and help me figure out how to bring a messy but promising script home. For this, I use Mike Stern.



Mike Stern really has a nose for what the industry wants in a screenplay, and for what an audience wants in a movie. He knows how to take your naked script and layer it to completion.

The customers finish endorsing the site, revise the second draft of their screenplay, and send it back over to The Script Reader to receive further consulting. 





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