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With 22 years of experience in reading thousands of screenplays, we at The Script Reader love working with writers to help take your material to the next level. Over a dozen studios and production companies have trusted our coverage and consulting in the past, so let our experience guide you to create thematically strong material that really emphasizes your passion. We want to make this as personal an experience as possible, so let us know how we can best help you!   


Chris Covell works as a professional script consultant for three companies, along with serving as the lead reader for


Having been passionate about telling stories and making films his whole life, Chris has written and directed dozens of screenplays, short films, music videos, and TV commercials. He received his BA in FILM PRODUCTION at Chapman University and has continued to make films ever since.


Along with this, he’s been working at Alcon Entertainment, Paradigm Talent Agency, and Inspired Entertainment, partnering alongside the Heads of Development in finding, developing, and writing screenplays. Within his work here, he’s written coverage for such projects as Black Mirror, Prisoners and the upcoming thriller, Soldado, along with consulting scripts for Adrien Brody (The Pianist, Midnight in Paris), Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurassic World), and Academy Award-winning writer/producer, Mark Boal (The Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty).

Chris loves working alongside writers and finds great satisfaction in helping them to achieve their best work possible. He’s committed to seeing that happen at and looks forward to working with many more writers in the future. 


Mike Stern attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where he earned a BA in Film Studies with an emphasis in Screenwriting. He was the first winner of United Talent Agency's College Screenwriting Competition as well as the recipient of the Hopwood Literary Award, Alice Webber Glover Playwriting Grant, and a Trueblood Fellow.

He moved to Los Angeles and began his development career at Sony Pictures and Signature Entertainment reading scripts and writing coverage for such films as Blade, The Opposite of Sex, and Slums of Beverly Hills. In 2002, Mike segued to William Morris Agency where he worked as a full time Story Analyst providing coverage and analysis for such films as Monster with Charlize Theron, Something's Gotta Give with Jack Nicholson and Keanu Reeves, Elf with Will Farrell, and The Interpreter with Sean Penn and Nicole Kidman. 

Mike has worked as a Story Analyst for Resolution and independently offered script analysis, writing instruction and story development through The Script Reader since 2007. Some of his successful clients include Emmy winners and show-runners. He has been the judge of screenwriting competitions and given analysis on scripts that have made it through the Hollywood maze and been successfully optioned and produced, like the upcoming . 


Mr. Stern is a novelist and ghostwriter in addition to an accomplished filmmaker. During his WMA tenure, his short film Study Break was broadcast on AMC's MonsterFest. Mike sold his short film Final Cut, which he wrote and directed, to Lorne Michaels' Broadway Video. His film Pop the Question was screened at the 2009 San Diego Film Festival and the 2010 Palm Springs International Film Festival. He's currently developing a television series and feature film with Broken Road Productions. His original screenplay, Midcentury, will begin shooting in Summer 2018 with Emmy-winner Tony Diaz attached to direct. Stern is also an actor and has worked as a professional stand-in for Tom Cruise. He can be seen in films Jack Reacher and Edge of Tomorrow


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